Sunday, 14 February 2016

As long as we are alive breath is never out of breath, notice what can be done without being aware of your breath,now add your consciousness and awareness to it...your breath will double its amazing life power...breathing is healing, you are born on the in-breath and die on the out-breath. Within our breath we have encoded patterns of our life and often we are not aware of it...through conscious work with breath you have an impact on your life. For the is a body, mind, spirit technique,there are many body gets well oxygenated. Sicknesses rarely survive in well oxygenated/alkalised body,you become calmer, confident, joyful, trusting, your intuition increases, you will quieten your your mind body and spirit enabling you to hear your inner guidance and be guided by it. you will learn to listen to and trust your intuition.You can be led more fulfilling life...allowing you to be happier within yourself and the world around us...You will improve your self-esteem and relationships with others. Everything outside of us starts within us. Sometimes you come to the breath plateau where it seems nothing happens-this is also significant,precious time,it gives you a space to trust invisible to trust that unseen is at really is...rebirthing, breathwork, transformational breath you can name it more. Conscious breathing always gives us results Trust that healing will always happen,albeit not always in the way we expect and cultivate your faith and knowingness. All is well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    LOVE AND LIGHT-Kasia