Thursday, 24 July 2014

Last minute...going to Greece!

I'm very excited about going to Greece, to be on my personal meditation retreat, and running a Breathe and Live workshop afterwards.
Rebirthing sessions in the sea have a different quality to the ones on the floor. We are going to consciously breathe (on the land as well) and it is amazing to see and feel water support. It's awesome to realise that even though you cannot hold onto the water, it provides you with brilliant, solid, gentle, and nourishing support. There you are, on your own, with your breath being a real anchor, which can free many memories encoded on deep subconscious levels. Once released, and acknowledged through your breath, these memories can work in your favour, not against it. All the sessions are done with my support, and we are going to work with theta brain waves including looking at different aspects of our lives through family constellations.
What I love about open space in Greece is that it supports ‘just being’. We are so busy in our everyday life, and even though we have our own ways of relaxing through things we love doing at home, in Greece the sea, forests, sun, and local food allows us to slide deeper into the state of accomplishing without ‘doing’.
It sounds like mumbo jumbo but only when you are in that state of total relaxation, you can understand it. What's within without, as above below....all that makes deeper sense.

Breathe and Live


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